Monday, July 31, 2006

reviews, rants and the rainy week

The weekend was lovely. home time work. Cuddle snuggle time watching the rain fall as the afternoon comes. Lovely morning me time, drizzling rainy weather enough to cuddle under the sheets and just blissfu;lly be unaware of the outside for a few hours. House cleaning to the max. Secret smiles and challenges (where's your secret kiliti?) Coffee and more coffee. Yummmy sandwiches and hot hot soup. Mmmmm. Playing SIMS in real life. Text twist marathon. CSI marathons and a cryfest over Jerry Maguire. Ahhh.

It's monday and it's raining and i went to work without an umbrella or a good coat. Also, i tried brewing my own coffee at home, to save expenses. Needless to say, i'm pissed.The week hasn't even begun and already i'm wishing it's the weekend.

I just hate this feeling. I hate waking up in the morning already knowing that this will not be a good day. But then again, stranger things have happened, and maybe it will turn out better than i imagine. That is the dream...

+ + +

Lady in the Water


What i thought to be a nighmarish disappointment (remember The Village? Not that it wasn't an interesting twist, but i really didn't dig the fact that the hoax was the twist) was actually a wonderfully retold (?) bedtime story mixed so beautifully inot the current scene.

I watched it because of Paul Giammati (Sideways) and Bryce Howard (The Village), but mostly because the trailer was artfully made and revealed exciting parts without revealing anything of the movie's twist (very much like any of Shyamalan's previous works). Yes, and because it was his movie.

I love his cast of actors who have beautifully made each role memorable --- from Giamatti's Heep, to Bryce's ethereal muse, even to the seemingly mundane and non-obtrusive presences of the supporting cast --the guardians, the potheads, even the chinese mom.

I love how he makes fun of writing manuals and how-tos. Even as the scenes take place, you see how he incorporates the what-should-be-done and what-to-expect guidelines of each writer, juxtaposing each one with something completely "adlib". He even get to kill a critic (wow, is that ever fun to watch --- revenge with artistic license!). Now that's a killer (literally).

I especially love how he mixed bedtime stories of age-old tradition and apply it into the mundane reality of today, mixing it to create a completely different story altogether without having to sacrfice any of the elements.

So what's the verdict? Despite its cliffhanging ending (as always), the story presents a lovely medley of reality, belief and well, really looking deep into one's self. And for that i'm happy.

+ + +

saGuijo: "Guijo Jazz"
August 3, 2006
10PM @ 7612 Guijo St., San Antonio Village, Makati City

Live and glowing hot jazz, funk and soul.

See ya there!

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

undoing 7-11

watch me as i sit here entranced by your words. It's hard to believe that such a simple combination of numbers can mean so much to people (like in Mudraks! LOL)

+ + +

It's a good weekend, i think. Apart from the rendevouz at MOA with the store, it was a fun filled weekend, with good friends and new acquaintances making it all happen. A night with party. Conversations with wine. picture taking of Ninja devil duckie in semi-bondage (devil duckie, you're the one!). An otherwise interesting brunch, get-together at a coffee shop and a one feature film which made me rethink motherhood. Top it off with some chill time at home amidts the rain, and a night of music and housemates (literally). Ahh. The weekend is indeed something.

+ + +

I miss you but not really. Maybe it's just the rain.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

our pyramid of want wants et al.

Got this from bf Pao(are we or aren't we?LOL) --- ang kyyyuuuttt!!!! Makes me smile despite the sad weather ('s bed weather though...)

+ + +

Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions are a thing of the past for me, but last sunday's romp amongst the harry potters and trekkies made me my sunday a bit more interesting indeed. (check out mor epics from Pao's site, quick!) Got to meet up with some old college pals (true artists that they are, came dressed as their fave characters --- i feel like it's lantern parade all over again) as well as see my friend's band play. Hmmm. Not a bad evening, we got to see semi-naked star troopers running around the hall for free (disturbingly like the Oble run, i tell ya ---is it december already?)

And, even though Pao's global frequency disguise never grabbed awards (or recognition), it still made a splash, somehow. hehehe

+ + +

Monday, July 17, 2006


Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


Fall. Rise Up. Go ahead. Do what you wanna do. So will I.

+ + +

If all else fails, learn the lesson. Then move on.

Speak Up. Make your point.

Do your thing. No sense waiting.

+ + +

Keep on smiling despite the hypocrisy.

See, everybody's doing it, why can't you?

Smile and laugh that funny laugh.

Make them think everything is ok.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

+ + +

Repeat. repeat. repeat the experience.

Ready. Steady. Go.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


boundaries crossed / burning bridges realized /lessons learned from goodbyes? / tengga galore / split personalities / carbo loading and some more brownies / missed look-sees, reunion of sorts / saturday evening shenanigans / crazy eights that never seem to stop / lunch date! / virgin labfest 2 de-virginized / i have seen Ang Hubad na Katotohanan! / merienda with wits and humor, peppered with some stargazing / sci-fi fanstay convention, anyone? / i had a date with an agent from Global frequency, mind you! / dinner with new friends a.k.a. cohorts! / breadtalk! / fun company all around / the past revisited once again.../ the world is too small, indeed.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Whateveritakes, baby!

Thursday, July 13, 2006
6 Underground

+ + +

See ya there!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Week End

Chickahan with galpals / coffee galore and late night talks @ The Coffee Bean / blast from the past!!! / phone calls of the weird kind / saturday morning cartoons! / Little Britain, anyone? / random phone calls and eskapo moves / shoppin' with Donna girl / Italliani's and mushroom formaggio /late night malibogs @ the BigSky / camwhorin' once again... / early a.m. munchies @ Cafeteria

Saturday, July 08, 2006


... how can you beat a system that refuses to acknowledge its problem?

I can't really explain much about issue that have been bugging me the past week. Suffice to say, it has rendered me depressed beyond anything i have ever felt before, which may have attributed to my not updating anything in my life right now.

I spent my time being morose and sad, seemingly eternally damned with this feeling of loss and inevitable anguish over my recent demise (those who heard my story, you know what i'm talking about). It led me to think of drastic solutions and inevitable options if this is not repaired ASAP.

Friday gave me some sliver of hope, when i talked to the man upstairs. Meeting old friends and galpals also cheered me up, which made my weekend start better that i expected. I felt somehow emancipated from all this worrying, but monday will bring me my bane or boon (whichever is the result).

Wish me luck.

Monday, July 03, 2006

I Want Want You You!

I Want Want You You!
Originally uploaded by paolomanalo.

One of my recent discoveries while browsing through the grocery aisle... Want Want milk! :-D Picture courtesy of Pao M.

Sonnet: The Mirror Projects

(read this, actually had this read to me by the author --- ganda nya, hehhe)
by Paolo Manalo

Pictures of ourselves taking pictures of ourselves
What's this exercise for, posterity?
But there's no future for us in these frames.
I look to the past: these two so happy
They only see their own poised reflections
Smiling back at them. There are no distractions
From family and friends. But do they see it?
Nothing is missing. Teka, pasingit.
Kung sobrang bagay ang two bakit one
Ka na lang? Ang pictures di sinungaling
Pero ang truth, di nagtatagal ang fun.
You had it, enjoyed! Wala na, get going.
Hirap sa iyo, mahilig sa drama.
Salita nang salita, 'la namang 'wawa

Sunday, July 02, 2006



A no brainer to figure out i enjoyed this movie. why? Because it was on IMAX.

It was not a premiere, but the night was crowded with celebs (thanks to the GMA-sponsored evening, i guess) and hobnobbing was all around us prior to the screening. Needless to say,i was sorta bemused by all the damn cameras and chitchat around me. Thank God for grounded and semi-jaded friends whom you can always count on to put in a little reality perspective :-)

The 20 mins of Superman on 3D is a bit daunting at first but once you get the hang of those glasses, man, it's spectacular, to say the least. I guess the 3D imagery really made all the difference for me, since the plot was kinda slow and the scenes, well, i was already expecting that twist... a little too unsubtle in the end, i think. (for those who haven't watched it, well, you'll get it when you see the movie) :-P

But yes, the movie itself was pretty great (Brian Singer is GOD) with its amazing effects, lovely cinematography and the oh-so-hot cast they managed to round up. Kudos to Parker Posey, who played my favourite cast member, Kathryn (a.k.a Kitty!) --- she really is such a talent. Also much admiration goes to Brandon Routh (i now remember his name!), the Chistopher Reeve look-alike they got to fill in those shoes. Ooh lala. I was a little put off by Spacey's Lex, but then again, with a double life sentence and some intense 5 years of grudges, who wouldn't go a little batty? :-P It was a surprising change from the character Gene Hackman played from the earlier Superman movie.

But the big thing for tonight was, Inspite some cheesy parts and lines in between, the whole experience of watching Superman on Imax --- it was truly worth the 3 freaking hours (losing sleep in the process ---it's 4 in the freakin' morning and i'm still writing this!) I was able to check out two things tonight:

1. MOA is friggin' big.

2. IMAX can be a pleasurable experience indeed. Hehehe.
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